At MEP, our primary goal is the protection and growth of the capital stack, which we achieve through underwriting and a disciplined investment approach. We only invest in asset types and locations we understand by experience, or through our expertise and relationships. We focus on quality, not quantity. We welcome repeat business with trusted partners.

At Mulholland Equity Partners, our business credo consists of the following:

  • To utilize underwriting and a disciplined investment approach to protect and grow the capital stack
  • To invest in asset types and locations in which the firm’s expertise and relationships provides a competitive advantage
  • Close collaboration with our financial partners – investment banks, hedge funds and institutional investment companies
  • To identify the unrealized potential of each real estate asset
  • To focus on the quality, not quantity, of the projects we undertake, so as to maximize value
  • To leverage our stature in the industry in order to promote the use of green and other environmentally-friendly products
  • Throughout the investment cycle, to leverage decision-making, underwriting, capital, our unique process, and historical and prospective analysis, in order to deliver projects of value to the community

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