Company History

Mulholland Equity Partners acquired its first commercial asset in May, 1998. The timing was perfect, as July, 1998 marked the emergence of commercial assets from the 90’s recession. The firm continued acquiring assets, and during the 2000-2007 boom syndicated opportunities in both apartment and office buildings, and established and managed an impressive portfolio. That first asset is still under the ownership and management of the firm today.

In November, 2008, the financial markets crashed, but the firm engaged in the negotiations of bank- owned REO’s pools of assets. The firm was successful in delivering these packaged pools of assets, and in January, 2009, started buying locally bank-owned REO assets, creating a fund entity, Mulholland Partners I. Subsequently, Mulholland II, III, Wilshire Capital Group, Home Estates I, II, III, Coast Estates I, II, II, and later Ventura Equity Group funds, were established. These funds were established, and SFR’s were acquired. repositioned and flipped, the process continuing through 2014. As the economy strengthened, these asset pools have dried up, REO’s have been diminished and replaced with short sales; and now the short sales phase are nearing the end of its cycle of availability.

2014 was the big turning point in the real estate market. Credit is now available, allowing the market to expand. Financing for construction, lines of credit and other services have all come back into the marketplace, providing the financial tools to grow real estate investments projects.

We continue the “Funds” in the residential market and acquire homes in $1/4 M category for reposition and in most cases construction.

The MEP wheelhouse is built on a sturdy platform of relationships with asset managers, power brokers, and realtors. New deals in SFR’s, apartments, mixed use, commercial, hospitality, industrial and retail are brought to our attention on a daily basis. However, our wheelhouse can only acquire a portion of these assets, and, therefore, we provide real estate advisory services regarding these assets to other investment partners.

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