Fane Joseph“As industry leaders, we draw on our expertise, years of experience, thorough knowledge of the local real estate market, time-tested strategies, and long-term partnerships to mitigate risk and maximize reward. In addition, the time and energy we devote to front-end due diligence enables us to identify unique opportunities in the areas of multifamily, office, commercial and residential real estate. Furthermore, we assist our clients in proactively managing capital structure and property operations, thus enhancing income returns and property appreciation.”
-Fane Joseph, CEO

Mulholland Equity Partners (MEP), founded in 1998 by Fane Joseph, is dedicated to identifying outstanding investments opportunities and maximizing their value. The firm has successfully conducted over $500 million in real estate transactions, and currently manages a portfolio of over 1,000 units, which includes apartment, office and residential properties.

Fane Joseph and his seasoned team focus on tapping the unrealized potential of every real estate asset. Their areas of expertise include multi-family, mixed-use, office and residential. They are equipped to provide advisory services in hospitality and large commercial¬†development projects. In addition, the team assists its clients with proactive management of the capital structure and property operations in order to enhance income returns and property appreciation. The firm also currently manages funds focused on acquisition, rehabilitation, and disposition of REO’s sourced from banks and government agencies. Furthermore, MEP has served as investment advisor both to regional and international investors wishing to acquire strategic real estate assets in the United States and the Caribbean Islands.

Mulholland Equity Partners has succeeded in building a large investor and capital base. Our financial partners include investment banks, hedge funds, institutional investment companies, power brokers, developers, as well as other real estate investment companies. Moreover, in order to ensure that the right resources are being employed in optimizing the successful execution of MEP’s projects, the firm engages with¬†third-party companies, consultants and local experts.

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